Two E Mic XL Headset Mics by Fitness Audio in red and black
Red and Black E Mic XL Headset Mic by Fitness Audio
Black E Mic XL Headset Mic by Fitness Audio

Fitness Audio E Mic XL Headset Mic


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The Fitness Audio EMic XL Headset Mic is just like our ever-popular E Mic Headset performance headset microphone, but now with a 1/2" extended boom, longer than most headset mics!

This medium-use microphone is an excellent choice for up to 20 classes per week. The E Mic XL has become the go-to choice for many instructors for a reason: it's lightweight, can fit almost every head shape, and can connect to all major brands of transmitters. The Fitness AV E Mic has an exclusive, unbreakable all-steel wire in its construction.

Duty Cycle and Usage Info: up to 20 classes per week.

Don't forget to choose the correct connector for your microphone and belt pack! To do so, check out our Fitness Audio XL E Mic Headset & Connector Package to purchase both the connector and your new E Mic. If you're unsure what connector to choose, contact us by PHONEEMAIL, or choose the 'HAAALP' option from the drop-down menu, and we'll be happy to do just that!

  • For sanitary reasons headset mics, mic belts, windscreens and headphones are not returnable.
  • Recommended for up to 20 classes per day.
  • Water Immersion Screens - Better Capsule Protection. 1/2" Longer Boom Arm - Better Fit for larger heads.
  • Boom Arm Position Piece - Strengthens the Boom Joint to avoid the "droops".
  • Epoxied Boom Arm - Strengthens and Sweat Protects Boom Joint.
  • Epoxy Spot Fills - For Extra Sweat Protection throughout the mic.
  • Extra Cable Strain Relief on Headband.
  • Super strong Steel cable for greater durability and Performance.
  • Can be adapted for most major transmitter brands.
  • Generatiing Element: Back Electret Condenser
  • Polar Pattern: Bidirectional Noise Cancelling
  • Frequency Response (@ 2cm close talking): 200 - 6000Hz
  • Sensitivity: 8mV per Pascal
  • Maximum Input (@3%THD): 120dB SPL
  • Power Supply Bias: 1.3 to 20V
  • Current Drain: 50uA
  • Waterproofing: Secondary Diaphragm fitted
  • Accessory:
  • Oval Windscreen included
  • Pin-Out: Red - Bias, White - Signal, Shield - Ground