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Group Fitness Studios

Our sound systems are designed to ensure every participant can hear the music and the instructors voice. After building hundred of studios, we know exactly how to install an easy to use sound system that sound great.

Spin and Boxing Studios

Good sound is what spin is all about. If you need a sound system capable of getting noise complaints we can help.

Big powerful sound with rich bass is what brings the energy in a Spin Studio. We specialize in powerful sound systems and know exactly how to keep your microphone loud and clear.

Weight Rooms

Simple and affordable background music is less glamorous than a studio system but just as important. We offer a wide range of options from basic point-source speakers all the way up to multiple zone systems.

Our Products

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Our experts can help you troubleshoot your setup, plan an awesome studio, or help you find the right products. Give us a call or email us and ask us about your setup or the setup you want to have. We’re here to help!

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