Fitness Audio UHF Wireless Cyclemic System

Fitness Audio U-SERIES Wireless System with Cyclemic Headset


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The Fitness Audio UHF Wireless Cyclemic System pairs with your Cyclemic Headset Mic for Cycling and answers all your audio fitness needs!

Indoor group cycling is just about the toughest challenge a wireless headset microphone system faces. Regular fitness mic systems don't cut it. Make the Fitness Audio Wireless Cyclemic Headset for Group Fitness and Indoor Cycling a part of your sound system, and stop worrying about your mic system.

  • As this unit contains a headset, for sanitary reasons this items cannot be returned.
  • Recommended for up to seven classes per day
  • User selectable 16-channel true diversity wireless system means you'll never have interference
  • Sweat resistant coated circuit board in the body pack transmitter handles all the moisture you can throw at it
  • Durable Switchcraft connector locks in tight and will not corrode like the Hirose connector used on Audio Technica and other mic systems
  • Sweat proofing around the connector keeps it working when it's just pouring out there
  • Comes with your choice of Aeromic headset, the world's only sweat resistant group fitness headset mic