Cardio Theater XTV-9RAB Wireless Exercise Entertainment System Receiver

Cardio Theater XTV-9RAB

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Introducing a revolutionary wireless system providing superior performance with maximum convenience and
HI-FI Stereo Sound. XTV wireless is the best in high fidelity stereo sound with all the conveniences of a wireless entertainment system.

Our proprietary design prevents headphone jack from coming into contact with internal electronics... eliminating the damage associated with headphone jack wear and tear.

Moisture resistant seal on the connector eliminates failure from rust or corrosion commonly caused by sweat or cleaning fluids entering the unit.

Because every ear has different preferences, users can select from four distinct EQ tone settings including Bass Boost, Treble Boost, Mid Boost, and Standard Tone.

Members simply plug any stereo headphone into the Cardio Theater wireless XTV receiver... select any wall mounted TV or music channel... and do their thing. They get superior stereo sound without the wires and hassles of a wired system from the world leader in Exercise Entertainment...Cardio Theater.

Cardio Theater wireless systems are installed in more facilities than all the other brands combined, so you have the assurance of proven performance with every product we produce. Our wireless system works on a simple principle. Powerful Cardio Theater transmitters connect to each of your audiovisual components and transmit the clearest audio signal to wireless receivers attached to your cardiovascular equipment. Your members plug their headphones into the wireless receiver and, with the touch of a button, select and enjoy their favourite television, music, or audiovisual programs.

The Cardio Theater XTV-9R 900 MHz universal receiver is compatible with any 900MHz wireless entertainment system. Durable wireless receiver design provides for easy headphone jack replacement. Moisture-proof receiver design prevents damage from sweat and cleaning fluids. Users may choose up to 52 different audiovisual selections. Wireless technology means no wires run from one piece of equipment to another. The Cardio Theater wireless system is everything you would expect from the leader in Exercise Entertainment. Call us today, toll free at 1-866-696-9006 for a FREE system design consultation.

Exercise Entertainment Makes the Difference. Cardio Theater Exercise Equipment makes health and fitness enjoyable for your clients and profitable for you. Exciting entertainment choices create exercise motivation and improved results helping you attract new members, retain existing members, and boost your referrals.

With over 10,000 Cardio Theater and Club Com fitness installations, you can have complete confidence in our ability to create an unparalleled Exercise Entertainment experience. We have developed the only fully integrated platform involving the system hardware, programming content and network technologies designed to entertain, inform, and motivate your members throughout your entire facility.

Cardio Theater wireless transmitters are truly wireless.
  • Members may select any of up to 52 audiovisual selections.
  • Full wireless 900Mhz reception.
  • Crystal clear digital sound.
  • Individual volume and channel controls are extremely user friendly .
  • Powered by the cardio piece or AC power adapter.