Black Aeromic Hipster Mic Belt.
Side view of Black Aeormic Hipster Mic Belt.

Aeromic Hipster Mic Belt

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The Aeromic Hipster Mic Belt is a variation on the standard mic belt with the pouch angled about 45 degrees to the right. You wear it on your left hip standing up or sitting on a bike, which makes the body pack's on/off switch, is easier to get to and the headset cable shoots off under your arm and out of the way. Then, when it's time to do your floor work and crunches then switch it around to your right hip and the mic cable goes up in the air and the connector doesn't dig you in the ribs. The Hipster is available in Black and it's a very popular alternative to the straight up and down pouch belt and in our opinion a much better alternative than the horizontal pouch belts made by other manufacturers as they encourage the "tug on the plug" or cable/connector stressing at a right angle, which could lead to connector faults on some headsets and that is a problem nobody needs. Aeromic wireless headset microphone transmitter belts have been specifically designed to give you maximum comfort, performance, and life from your wireless system. A tough neoprene construction gives the belt long lasting, washable durability with no flaps, no Velcro, and no studs. More importantly, the transmitter is held vertically reducing any 'tug on the plug', extending the life of all connections and the system itself.

For sanitary reasons headset mics, mic belts, windscreens and headphones cannot be returned.
  • Fits most instructors up to a 32" waist
  • Used daily by over 50,000 instructors worldwide
  • Superior neoprene construction
  • As used at Aerobic Conventions everywhere
  • Light weight and comfortable
  • Helps protect against transmitter damage
  • Stitched piping all the way round the belt ensures long lasting durability