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Fitness AV is Safe from the Heartbleed Bug.
Last Updated: 04/22/2014

A recent security concern, termed “Heartbleed” has been spreading across the Web. Fortunately, Fitness AV is safe from this serious issue. Continue reading to learn more.

Although Heartbleed stems from a small coding error, its impact could be quite large. Thus far, Yahoo has experienced one of the largest and most public encounters, with hundreds of usernames and passwords being compromised. The company has since stated that they have fixed the main vulnerability affecting its sites.

Despite the severity of the issue, rest assured that Fitness AV is completely safe from Heartbleed’s impact. This is because we do not use OpenSSL, an open-source encryption software.

Unlike other ecommerce web sites, Fitness AV was never vulnerable to this security issue, meaning no patching was required. Heartbleed has been present since March 2012, which indicates that any communications that occurred via OpenSSL could have been subject to inappropriate or nefarious eavesdropping. At no point in this time was Fitness AV exposed to this problem.

If you'd like to check our site or any other for Heartbleed vulnerability please click here for the Heartbleed analyzer.

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